Module 2. Enabling environment and institutions in SDG localisation

For the purpose of enabling environment and institutions in SDGs localisation, countries need to consider the national and subnational context. This involves a wide range of issues – from the environment and socioeconomic setting to government


Part 2.1. The SDG governance and SDG 7 localisation institutions
By the end of Part 1 of Module 2, participants will learn about The challenges in growth of sustainable energy use in cities, the different governance system based on their structures and functions, the actors and institutions of urban governance system, the relationship between urban governance and SDG 7 localisation, the roles of Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) and Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) and the case studies of governance systems adopted by cities with effective SDG 7 localisation.

Part 2.2. Enabling environment and instruments to support SDG 7 localisation
By the end of Part 2 of Module 2, participants will learn about policy, legal, economic and social instruments that can support and accelerate the localization of SDG 7, importance of governance system models for sustainable energy growth and activities to be performed through each of the policy, legal, economic instrumentsю Also supplementary measures to boost the sustainable growth of cities in relation to SDG 7 are presented.

Keywords: SDG7 Localisation