Rail digital transformation in Asia and Pacific region

Training Course on Rail Digital Transformation in Asia and the Pacific is designed by the ESCAP Transport Division under two United Nations development account projects first, Trade and transport connectivity in age of Pandemics, and second, enhancing shift to sustainable freight in Asia and the Pacific. The e-learning course aims to expand the knowledge of the stakeholders on use of emerging digital technologies for enhancing competitiveness of railway transport.


The purpose of the e-Learning course is to inform the policy makers and experts working on digitalization of rail on how the digital technologies can be used to enhance competitiveness of rail transprot.  The course highlights areas where rail digitalization can be pursed  to reduce operational costs, border crossing delays.  And accordingly the objectives of this eLearning course are to: (a) enhance the understanding of the challenges and opportunties of use of digital technologies in enhancing rail competitveness  to support increase in rail freight and foster more sustainable transport network in region; and (b) underscore the need for regional cooperation in meeting these challenges 

Keywords: Rail Digital Transformation; Transport Connectivity; 1. No Poverty;3. Good Health and Well-Being; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth; 9. Infrastructure Industry; 13. Climate Action; 15. Life on Land; 17. Partnership for Goals