Simulation tool for carbon pricing in support of NDC implementation

This simulation tool was developed for policymakers and climate practitioners to consider opportunities for applying carbon pricing instruments in support of NDC targets. The course aims to provide an understanding of how CPIs impact socioeconomic factors of development; examine scenarios for implementation of NDC targets using CPIs and assess ways to invest in increasing natural climate solutions.


UNESCAP has been promoting application of CPIs to increase climate ambition and support low carbon COVID-19 recovery. ESCAP conducted Carbon Pricing Instruments research to support the design of carbon pricing instruments in Asia and the Pacific, including the enabling factors that will support more ambitious and more effective climate policies in the region; the role of cross-border carbon pricing adjustments; and modelling the macroeconomic and social impacts of a range of climate policy scenarios, building on the ESCAP Macroeconomic Model developed by the Macroeconomic Policy and Analysis Section. This CPI simulation tool will allow developing various scenarios of CPIs supporting NDC implementation and investments in natural climate  solutions.

Keywords: 7. Affordable and clean energy; 11. Sustainable cities and communities; 12. Responsible production and consumption; 13. Climate action; 14. Life below water; 15. Life on land; Behavioural science; Environmental sustainability; Sustainable development; Policymaking