Fast Forwarding to Asia-Pacific’s Future

This is the opening session of the ESCAP Executive Training on Environment and Development from 2021. It provides an overview of key regional environmental trends as well as five big-ticket thematic drivers of change which have been identified by using transformative foresight approaches.


Understanding the changes needed

Through the report “Raising Ambition for a Healthy Environment” the session will focus attention on the changes needed, by providing an overview of:

Key environmental trends that shape our opportunities for change and will heavily influence the outlook of the region’s future
Five thematic drivers of change
The changes needed via causal layered analysis
A timeline to the future we want
The opening session will introduce five big-ticket thematic drivers that are shaping opportunities for change, namely the rise of global consciousness, evolving food systems, demand for natural resources and shifts in ownership and control, changes in rural-urban dynamics, and environmental governance.

The session will also provide insights on trends of four environmental domains aligned with EDD work streams (healthy ecosystems and food systems, climate action, sustainable urbanization, and clean air) that will heavily influence the outlook of the region’s future.

The session will then introduce environmental futures for the Asia-Pacific region in 2040 and how we would get there. These scenarios are the result of a facilitated “transformative futures” process involving facilitated experts foresight workshops, desk review and further expert inputs to map out a no-regrets path to a preferred future.

Keywords: ESCAP Executive Training on Environment and Development 2021