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General and Sector-Based Indicators for Evaluating the Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to Sustainable Development

This self-paced e-learning course is targeted towards policymakers and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) who wish to enhance their understanding of sustainable foreign direct investment (FDI) and utilize a set of indicators to assess and quantify incoming FDI projects and their sustainable development contributions. The purpose of this course is to train course participants to use these indicators so they can adapt them to their country contexts.

The overall objectives of this e-learning course is to:

- provide participants with the introductory knowledge of sustainable FDI and sustainable FDI indicators.
- share methods for coutnries to choose their priority development sectors.
- introduce them to general and sector-based indicators developed by UNESCAP to evaluate the sustainable development contirbutions of FDI.
- promote the use of these indicators to stregnthen the sustainability outcomes from FDI for the host country