Academy Module on Information Security and Privacy

This module was designed to provide knowledge of information security, privacy, and related concepts for policymakers responsible for ICT policymaking, government officials responsible for the development and implementation of ICT-based applications, and managers in the public sector seeking to employ ICT tools for project management.


Human life today is highly dependent on information and communications technology (ICT). This makes individuals, organizations and nations highly vulnerable to attacks on information systems, such as cyber-intrusions, cyber-terrorism, cyber-crime, and the like. Few individuals and organizations are equipped to cope with such attacks. Governments have an important role to play in ensuring information security by expanding the information communication infrastructure and establishing systems to protect against information security threats.
This module focuses on Information Security which is part of Cyber Security. Issues on freedom of expression online, human rights online, violence against women and girls (VAWG) online, digital abuse and online sexual harassment, hate speech online, cyberbullying, and child online protection (COP) initiatives have been excluded in this module, and they can form part of a separate module on Internet/Online safety awareness.