WIFI P Module - An Enabling Environment for Women Entrepreneurs

The objective of the module is to inform policymakers and contribute to developing their actual gender-related policymaking skills or knowledge for women entrepreneurs.

Length: Length: 1 hour / 6 sessions


Four themes frame the discussion in the subsequent sections of this module — Government, Women, Empowerment through Entrepreneurship, and ICTs. To set the context, the module proceeds to a quick discussion of global development agendas as they are currently, with their key concepts, and with respect to women and girls, men and boys. A brief discussion of the intersection between ICTs and gender issues and the ways in which ICTs and women have interacted, is followed by a section on applying the principles of gender mainstreaming in policy making processes. In addition, the final section of this module focused on the ways in which government policy can be ‘engendered’ with special reference to women’s entrepreneurship.