Cities for a Sustainable Future

The course will deliver guidance on how the region’s cities can become smart, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Through a focus on four integrated thematic pillars (Urban and Territorial Planning; Urban Resilience; Smart Cities and Technologies; and Urban Finance), participants will learn of policy pathways that can be deployed and additional tools, including the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) process, to build back better within the context of post-pandemic recoveries.


Attending the session will provide you with:


· Develop an understanding of the role of cities in contributing to the ambitions and targets of local and national strategies and the global development agendas.

· Learn of policy pathways to assist cities in planning their futures and establishing strong recovery strategies.

· Access guidance on the development of Voluntary Local Reviews, a process to engage communities, monitor progress towards sustainable urbanization and strengthen vertical coordination with relevant national strategies.

· Participate in an exchange among participants, including on relevant city case studies and opportunities for local recoveries.