Raising Climate Ambition

This training session will focus on the “how” and “what” can be done nationally and locally to raise climate ambitions based on the circumstances of each country. Furthermore, the course provides hands-on tools for simulation of scenarios and policy development, and for discussion on challenges and best practices.


This training session will be held virtually, and will facilitate an open, lively dialogue over three and a half hours in total, focusing on specific opportunities and tools to support low greenhouse gas emissions strategies in compliance with the Paris Agreement.

The session will focus on the following areas:

· Methodologies for GHG emission inventories, carbon pricing and impact on GHG emissions, macroeconomic factors, and trade related aspects (simulation, scenarios, and cross-border adjustments)

· Mainstreaming gender in climate policy

· Monitoring, reporting and verification

· Addressing fossil-fuel subsidies

· Transition to greater renewable energy mix