Hemp will save planet earth

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dan carter
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Global governments need to all adopt growing hemp as well adopt functional hemp based products into there Sustainable Development Plans.
1 acre of hemp contributes to sequestering 20,000lbs of C02 emissions per acre.
The Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance https://www.canadianhempfarmersalliance.com has developed the roadmap to Success on how to become a Net Zero Country.
Canada would need to contribute to growing 77 Million acres to become net Zero country. Canada has 150 Million acres fo farmable land available meaning in 365 days hemp can sequester 100% of the C02 emissions.
In order for this to happen and for governments to adopt the Sustainable Development Agenda of the Canadian Hemp Farmers Alliance we would need:
1) United Nations departments to open procurement opportunities
2) Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments also need to open procurements for functional hemp based products to be purchased
3) Global governments adopt hemp as well

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